Stand-Up Freezer Bags

BPA-free stand-up freezer bags are a great option for preserving the freshness of food and reducing the risk of harmful chemicals leaching into your meals

Professional Stand-Up Freezer Bags Manufacturer

stand up freezer bag


  • Type: Stand-Up Freezer Bags
  • Material: Polyethylene Vinyl Acetate
  • Size Options:Gallon Bags, 1/2 Gallon Bags, Quart Bags, 14-oz Snack Bags
  • Thickness: 5 mil
  • Measurements: Gallon Bag 13.25″×9.5″×3.5″, Half Gallon Bag 10.2″×7.3″×2.8″, Quart Size Bag 8.5″×6″×2.4″, Snack Bag 6″×4.5″×1.8″

Reasons To Buy Freezer Meal Bags

Freezer safe bags offer several advantages, including being made from BPA-free material, having a gusseted bottom that allows them to stand on their own, the ability to color-code them for easy organization, and being made with scratch-free material. Overall, these benefits make reusable gallon freezer bags a versatile and convenient option for safely storing and organizing frozen food

bpa free freezer bags

BPA Free Freezer Bags

When it comes to storing meat in the freezer, using high-quality and BPA-free freezer safe bags is essential for preserving the flavor, texture, and safety of the meat.

color code freezer bag

Color-Coded Freezer Bags

Using color-coded freezer bags is a simple and efficient way to organize and keep track of your frozen food items, whether you are meal prepping, storing leftovers, or simply keeping your freezer tidy.

gusseted freezer bag

Gusseted Freezer Quart Bags

Gusseted freezer bags have a triangular-shaped bottom that expands when filled with food, allowing them to stand up on their own and providing more space for storage.

scratch-free material

Scratch-Free Material

Scratch-free and see-through freezer bags are a time-saving and convenient option when you need to quickly locate specific items without the risk of damaging delicate foods or having to open and dig through multiple bags

Applications of Freezer Bags

When taking a flight, using pint size freezer bags to store snacks can conveniently tuck them into your bags.

Half-gallon freezer bags are an ideal solution for storing a wet bathing suit, helping to keep it clean and protected while saving space in your luggage

Reusable gallon bags that feature see-through material can prove to be very useful when it comes to storing Legos, allowing for easy visibility of the contents inside and keeping all the pieces organized in one place

If you have leftover cereal, it tends to become stale quickly. Putting it in a quart-sized bag can help keep it fresher for a longer period of time.

How to Customize Your Own Reusable Gallon Bags? Things You Need To Know

The chart presented below provides a comprehensive overview of the variations between hand printing and machine printing for varying quantities. If you require further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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